Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Gates marks anniversary of Microsoft research arm

HONG KONG - Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates said Tuesday that the dramatic growth of the Internet would eventually spark a software-writing revolution.

Gates, speaking at a forum to mark the 10th anniversary of the software giant's Asian research arm, said technology currently being developed would expand the way people use computers to "to encompass all interactive techniques," including touch and speech.

"People often talk about this as the Internet service revolution," Gates told a gathering of 1,600 researchers and academics in Hong Kong. "That will eventually lead to machines that have lots of server capacity, lots of low-cost computing, low-cost storage. And that will let us write software in an even more ambitious way, eliminating the last constraints we have."

Microsoft Research Asia employs more than 350 researchers and engineers, funds student fellowships and partners with more than 100 university and institutions in the region with the goal of helping Microsoft innovate and develop products.

In China, it runs joint labs with mainland and Hong Kong universities.

Gates was visiting China for the Olympic Games, attending last week's opening ceremony in Beijing, cheering on the U.S. swim team with his family and taking in other events.

Gates stepped down in June from his full-time role at Microsoft, which he co-founded.


Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Apple finishes restoring MobileMe mail

Apple has completed the process of restoring mail service to MobileMe customers that found themselves without email over the past week or so. According to Apple, one percent of members were affected by the mail problems.

The restoration of the mail service also includes historical messages, the company said in a posting to its MobileMe Web site. Apple has set up temporary chat support dedicated to users that still have problems with mail.

Apple acknowledged another problem with MobileMe that began on Monday. Some users found their contact and calendar data disappeared from the iPhone and iPod touch, but not from the computer or Mobile Me.

After fixing the problem, Apple said the data for most users restored itself to the devices. The company posted instructions to reset your data If you have been affected by the bug and your data has not automatically synced to your iPhone.

With the mail service restored and the syncing bug fixed, Apple said it is moving on to improving other aspects of the MobileMe service.

By : Jim Dalrymple

Friday, 25 July 2008

Yahoo 2Q profit falls 18 pct, below analyst views

SAN FRANCISCO - Yahoo Inc.'s second-quarter profit fell 18 percent, the latest sign of the financial decay that has frustrated shareholders and raised doubts about the Internet company's future.

But while the results released Tuesday missed analyst expectations, the performance wasn't as bad as many investors had feared after Internet search and advertising leader Google Inc.'s second-quarter earnings disappointed Wall Street last week.

Yahoo shares edged up 5 cents in extended trading after slipping 27 cents to finish Tuesday's regular session at $21.40.

The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company earned $131 million, or 9 cents per share, from April through June, compared with $161 million, or 11 cents per share, at the same time last year.

Analysts had projected earnings of 11 cents per share in the most recent quarter, according to Thomson Financial.

Revenue totaled $1.8 billion, a 6 percent improvement from $1.7 billion at the same time last year.

After subtracting commissions paid to Yahoo's advertising partners, revenue stood at $1.35 billion — about $20 million below the average analyst estimate.

To the relief of investors, Yahoo didn't dramatically lower its revenue outlook for the remainder of the year despite the dreary economic conditions in the United States and part of Europe.

Management expects 2008 revenue to range from $7.35 billion to $7.85 billion. That was not dramatically different from Yahoo's forecast of $7.2 billion to $8 billion three months ago.

Nevertheless, Yahoo's latest lackluster performance is likely to intensify the already tremendous pressure on management to lift the company's long-slumping stock price after rebuffing a $47.5 billion takeover offer from Microsoft Corp. in May.

With that bid off the table, Yahoo's market value is about $18 billion below Microsoft's last offer, to shareholders' dismay.

Yahoo Chief Executive Jerry Yang on Monday gained a little more time to deliver on his turnaround promises by negotiating a truce with dissident shareholder Carl Icahn, who had been threatening to overthrow the company's entire board so he could try to revive sales talks with Microsoft. Now Icahn and two of his allies will join an expanded board consisting of 11 directors.


Friday, 27 June 2008

Awas, Celah di Internet Explorer 6

Para pakar keamanan internet memperingatkan tentang adanya lubang baru di Internet Explorer versi 6 (IE 6). Celah di browser besutan Microsoft tersebut membuat pengguna dapat diserang dedemit maya sewaktu-waktu.

US Computer Emergency Response Team (US-CERT) mengatakan, jika cracker berhasil memanfaatkan lubang tersebut, mereka dapat menyelinap masuk dan mencuri data tanpa diketahui pengguna.

Perusahaan antivirus McAfee pun memberikan peringatan serupa dengan US-CERT. Yichong Lin, peneliti dari McAfee mengatakan, lubang tersebut diketahui pertama kali disingkap dengan sebutan 'pstzine'.

Meski demikian, dikutip detikINET dari vnunet, Jumat (27/6/2008), browser lain semisal Internet Explorer 7 dan Firefox dikatakan dapat menangkal serangan akibat celah ini.

Sementara bagi IE 6, baik US-CERT dan McAfee sama-sama menyarankan pengguna internet untuk melakukan upgrade agar keamanan berinternet pengguna lebih terjamin.

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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Yahoo new free email addresses

Yahoo Inc. is offering free e-mail accounts under two new designations in an effort to attract Web surfers unhappy with their current addresses.

The introduction of "@ymail.com" and "@rocketmail.com" as Yahoo email address options comes as the pioneering Internet firm strives to convince investors it is on a path to reclaim faded glory and eroded revenues.

Yahoo Mail is the most popular web-based email in the world. Its profitable ad-supported service has approximately 266 million users, according to industry statistics.

Free email addresses are typically assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, meaning newcomers choosing yahoo.com IDs are unlikely to get their names or other prime choices when signing up.

Yahoo is hoping the additional options created with the ymail and rocketmail will help boost its e-mail growth. Although it's given away, e-mail is considered an important product because it fosters user loyalty and spurs frequent visits that create advertising opportunities.

But e-mail accounts at both Yahoo and Microsoft have been growing at a slower pace than Google Inc.'s Gmail, which has added more than 30 million users in the past year. About 101 million people used the Internet search leader's Gmail in April, comScore said.

E-mail under the ymail and rocketmail designations will offer all the same features as the Yahoo domain, including an unlimited amount of storage capacity.

When it entered the e-mail market, Yahoo provided just 3 megabytes of free storage per account. But Google changed the competitive landscape in 2004 when it introduced gmail with 1 gigabyte of free storage under its Gmail service. Gmail now offers more than 6 gigabytes of free storage.

Google, Paling Bagus Reputasinya

Perusahaan Internet Google baru saja dianugerahi gelar sebagai perusahaan dengan reputasi paling bagus di Amerika. Begitu diumumkan oleh Harris Poll.

Para karyawan Google diperbolehkan menghabiskan 20% waktunya untuk proyek-proyek yang menumbuhkan ide. Selain bergaji tinggi, mereka juga diberi ‘insentif-insentif’ seperti “pod tidur siang“di mana mereka bisa meletakkan kepalanya yang penat sejenak. Berkat strategi tersebut, Google berhasil menumbangkan Microsoft dari peringkat pertama perusahaan bereputasi terbaik.

Dalam polling tahunan Harris Interactive Reputation Quotient tersebut, Google, Intel, dan Microsoft masuk dalam peringkat 10 Besar. Sementara itu HP (Hewlett-Packard)/Compaq tercatat melakukan lompatan terbesar dibandingkan tahun lalu. Begitu juga Apple.

Polling ini meranking 60 Perusahaan Besar AS dan juga Korporat Amerika. Polling ini dilakukan dalam dua gelombang. Pada gelombang pertama, Harris menciutkan daftar menjadi 60 perusahaan dengan meminta 7105 orang Amerika menyebutkan dua perusahaan yang menurut mereka punya reputasi paling bagus atau paling buruk.

Enam bulan berikutnya, para pengumpul suara Harris itu menanyai 20.477 orang untuk memeringkat 60 perusahaan yang terpilih terhadap 20 atribut. Di antara atribut itu adalah daya tarik emosional, kualitas produk dan tanggung jawab sosialnya.

Menurut Harris, perusahaan yang paling sering tercantum dalam daftar adalah produsen produk consumer (seperti Coca Cola dan Kraft), atau perusahaan teknologi. Wanita cenderung memilih perusahaan produk consumer, sedangkan mayoritas pria memilih perusahaan teknologi.

Sementara itu perusahaan yang dianggap masyarakat Amerika sebagai jahat dan tidak beritikad baik antara lain industri penerbangan AS, yang senantiasa mengumumkan pemangkasan gaji karyawan sambil mempromokan tarif penerbangan yang kian mahal dan menagihkan berbagai biaya tambah, mulai dari bagasi sampai makanan di pesawat.

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Saturday, 21 June 2008

Notebook Apa yang Paling Enteng?

JAKARTA, KAMIS – Makin banyak notebook ultraportabel yang tipis dan enteng. Namun menurut Toshiba, miliknyalah – Portege R500-S5007V - yang paling enteng saat ini.

Jka dibandingkan Apple MacBook Air yang supertipis itu, Toshiba Portege R500-S5007V memang lebih ringan. MacBook Air berbobot 1,35kg, sedangkan timbangan Portege R500-S5007V berhenti di angka 1,08kg. Pada kondisi tertipis (biasanya saat dibuka), tebal Portege R500-S5007V tidak mencapai 2cm, atau tepatnya sekitar 1,96cm (0,77”).

Keistimewaan notebook baru Toshiba ini tidak berhenti di sana. Seri ini juga merupakan notebook pertama yang mengemaskan SSD (solid state disk) berkapasitas 128GB sebagai pengganti harddisk. Rata-rata notebook saat ini biasanya mengemaskan SSD 64GB. Ini kecuali Lenovo dan Apple yang menyuguhkan 128GB dalam dua modul yang masing-masing berkapasitas 64GB.

Dari sisi ketahanan batere, Portege R500-S5007V cukup mumpuni. Sebab menurut Toshiba, baterenya sanggup bertahan delapan jam. Maklum tidak ada bagian harddisk yang harus diputar dan meminta bagian daya di sini. Ketahanan daya batere juga didukung oleh pemakaian layar transreflective 12,1” yang dapat mematikan backlighting LED (light-emitting diode) dan memanfaatkan pantulan cahaya matahari untuk menerangi layar. .

Dari sisi kelengkapan, tawaran Toshiba menarik. Notebook ini dimotori prosesor Intel Core 2 Duo U7700 1,33GHz, dengan RAM 2GB dan cache 2MB dan sistem operasi Windows Vista Business, yang bisa diturunkan ke Windows XP Professional. Konektivitas muncul dalam wujud fitur jaringan berkabel dan nirkabel 802.11 a/g/n, Bluetooth 2.0, plus sebuah optical drive SuperMulti yang bisa membaca dan menulis ulang keping DVD dan CD. Sebagai pengaman terhadap kerusakan notebook akibat benturan, juga ditanamkan fitur pengaman.

Notebook dengan motherboard khusus built-in ini oleh Toshiba dibandrol dengan harga US$ 2999 untuk pasar AS. Namun Toshiba belum mengatakan kapan Portege R500-S5007V-nya akan dipasarkan di luar AS.

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